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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Toilet Paper Seedlings!

Hey everyone! I am so sorry for my random mysterious disappearance! I was just feeling very emotionally exhausted with everything and needed a break from technology to just focus on myself and get my world back in order. I would also like to make mention that I will be reducing my weekly schedule to once a month. I know that’s not much but my family and my sanity is more important lol. Enough of that though, shall we begin!?

I have never grown anything from seed before so I thought that could be really fun for the kids to help out with! I started out our seedlings by placing about 8 pumpkin seeds and 12 pepper seeds in between damp paper towel; I then placed the paper towel in a baggie filled with air to act as a greenhouse. I figured this was a great way to get the seedlings started without needing a ton of containers just in case not all of the seeds started which, sadly, seemed to be the case with a lot of our poor little seeds!

photo 21

After about a week our pumpkin seeds finally started to sprout! 2 of them really took off but there was another 2 that were slowly trying to push out some leaves; our peppers took about 2 weeks to sprout.

photo 31

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Valentine’s Day Treat for the Kids

Hey everyone! Despite it being almost a month ago (where does time fly??) today I thought I would share with you what we did for Valentine’s Day!

Now that Anna is getting older she is really starting to enjoy the holidays so I wanted to make sure to make Valentine’s Day special for her; the dilemma however was that I had very little time to plan it and not much money to work with. Sadly when I searched pinterest for Valentine’s Day meals everything I found was quite…over the top in my own personal opinion. Big cupid buckets full of toys and things, fancy dinners, candy buffets…that’s great but I needed a quick dinner and an even quicker arrangement to throw together.

Kids Valentine's Day Dinner @ Pink Hammers & Sippy Cups

Friday, 7 March 2014

The Final Story of the Attic

Hi everyone! Sorry this post is late, it has been a crazy week and having a cold can give one a serious case of writers block! So without further delay let’s begin! If you haven’t been following you can see the original post here, and last week we left off here with having finished painting the ceiling of the attic! Once the fear of drips was out of the way we were able to paint the bottom portion white and paint the chimney!


Charles used an old box and painters tape to protect the surrounding area so we didn’t damage anything while cleaning the chimney and painting. We started off with cleaning the chimney with TSP but sadly the top part was quite stained and didn’t come very clean. However! We were determined and still wanted to try our hand with a white wash versus all white paint; we wanted to go that route so as to have some of the character of the brick still show through. For our technique we followed the tutorial outlined by The Yellow Cape Cod here.


Essentially you just mix equal parts of your paint with water, brush it on, and then wipe off any excess. Due to our chimney not fully coming clean we ended up having more of a graduated effect…we thought about just painting it all white due to that but we have really fallen in love with the effect.


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Attic–Part 2

Hey everyone! Today I am going to show you part 2 of our attic! I was hoping to wrap it up in this post but there is still a ton of work left to show you! Next week should be the final chapter and that way I can even include what we went with for our stairs instead of leaving that for its own post! Now shall we continue?

Last week I left you off here…with putting up the insulation stop to allow air flow between the roof and the insulation, of which after came the insulation and electrical work.


For our insulation we again went with Roxul Insulation! For our reasoning you can check out our past mudroom post here. (We were in no way sponsored or endorsed by Roxul to use their product, we just truly love it!)



Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Commencement of the Attic!

To continue in our February “catch-up” series we now get to start on the attic! I last left you off back in July 2013 with the completion of our demolition project here.

In short we had cut a hole in our living room ceiling for the attic, we had pulled down and dry walled our living room ceiling, and had nailed down plywood for the attic floor. We were just about to commence laminating our attic rafters….

This process in layman’s terms meant building out the rafters using 2x4’s so that way we could fit all the proper insulation and such needed in between them.


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Photo Story of our Mudroom Part 2!

Today is the day! You finally get to see the how the mudroom got finished! Or at least…mostly finished! As you will soon see there are still some final touches we have to add but at least it is fully usable again and we no longer have only a plywood wall separating us from the elements outside! Brrr!

part 2

I left off here at the middle of November with the insulation starting to be placed in the mudroom.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Photo Story of a Mudroom Part 1

Hey everyone! This February I want to finally start catching all of you up on the renovations that we tackled while I was on a blogging hiatus. I will be focusing on our mudroom, the attic, and eventually our plans for the kitchen.


I first would like to state that Charles is a professional, ticketed Journeyman Carpenter; in no way do I advocate tackling these extensive projects on our own without professional help and I will not be held liable if you choose to follow any advice stated here on this blog! That being said, I also will note that I don’t even know half of what went on so I will just be sharing our photo story…while I would have loved to help and learn it was more important for myself to be keeping our kids out of the way or even out of the house so almost all the pictures were taken courtesy of my lovely man, Charles, himself.

I last left off our renovations with the completion of all of the demolition going on in the attic in this post here.

While in the middle of renovating our attic we discovered that our mudroom was, in essence, sinking due to the fact that the people who initially built it as an add-on to our house had not built a proper foundation for it. As such we had to put our attic on slight hold and tackle the mudroom instead.