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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Dreams and Dentures

Wow! My first post! With this post I intend to answer a few questions and state why I'm starting this blog.

First off, this blog is about the story of my life...from my 14-month-old daughter's milestones, to my thoughts on our health and diet, my most recent home decor projects, and even the challenges I come across as I learn to navigate power tools, build furniture, and voyeur into attempting actual home renovations all while wielding my pink hammer (yes I do own a pink hammer!) or sippy cup, as duty calls!

Basically everyone reading this already knows me, but hopefully, some long lost stranger will stumble upon my blog one day and they'll want to know who the heck I am....perhaps? At least a teensy bit? In any case, my name is Pamela and I'm a 22-year-old single mom to a beautiful little girl, Anna. 

I currently own my own mobile home looking over the river, it's my first, non-rental home, and it's also my baby. My parents helped me (more like did all the work while I supervised ... woops!) take this mobile home from drab to fab (that's the understatement of the year), and in my next post on Thursday I'll be sharing the epic journey that was embarked on...but first I'll have to take some more recent pictures!

So why am I just now starting a blog? Well, for the past half a year I've said "I should start a blog". I see tons of other people joining in link parties, sharing their fabulously decorated mantels and home reno's, and wishing I could join in.There's also been one too many times I've wanted to post a facebook status about something I feel real strongly about but it's way too long to fit so I shrug my shoulders and keep my opinions to myself. It is, however,  a scary thought to truly expose your thoughts and projects to the world...wondering if anyone will read it, if anyone will like it, I'm sure people will hate some of it, and some thoughts may stir up controversy. Plus, I'll be honest, I like to procrastinate. Hell, this post was supposed to be out yesterday but I got a case of cold feet. I promise it won't happen again! But just as those other blogs prompted me to do something out of my comfort zone, to learn new skills, and to really push myself, maybe one day you'll be inspired to think a little differently, do something out of your comfort zone, or to pursue your own dreams whatever they may be!

So ultimately this blog is my way of spurring my creativity, to inspire me to put my thoughts into actions, to share my latest projects (the good, the bad, and the ugly!) and ideas with friends and family, and to hopefully meet some fellow DIY blogger enthusiasts. Thus, I just have to say, thanks for reading and enjoy the ride, I'm sure it'll be a bumpy one!

First two images taken personally, last image found here.

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