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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Design Plans for 2012 and Beyond!

So I have a bunch of New Years resolutions for this year including a few such as going camping, exercising more, getting my hunting license etc. However one of the biggest ones? Breaking out my pink hammer and renovating our new house! 

When Charles first lived here he really did not have the living room he only had a teeny tiny tv stand with a 50" flat screen on it and a papasan chair. In his bedroom he just had a bunch of random bedding on his queen size bed minus a headboard. Can you say bachelor? It was so "cold" and bare in his house and it got my design itch going. (Sadly I don't really have any pictures of it then). Now that I've moved my stuff in it's alot cozier and feels like a home but I still can't wait to really make it ours and give it some true style! 

We have big plans for most of the rooms in the house that I can not wait to share with you below! Some of the rooms however (the basement and the mud room in particular) we're still dabbling around with so you'll have to stay tuned for those ideas. I really wish to master powerpoint and create mood boards but for now that will have to wait. You'll just have to deal with separate images and piece it together yourself, my apologies.

When you first enter our house you walk into the tiny mudroom. We aren't sure how this space is going to evolve exactly but we have big plans for the future of completely redoing it with insulation, double paned windows, proper flooring, etc.

After you enter the mudroom you walk into the living room. I simply cannot wait for this room to come together and it'll probably be the first to tackle. Of course this room, as with all the others, will take time and fair chunks of change to evolve (although we do want to DIY as much of it as possible) but for now here is what we envision!

This is the living room as it currently stands. 

 We want to end up painting it gray, particularly Rebel by Para paints. To choose paint colours we just went to a bunch of different locations grabbing swatches that caught our eye then stuck them all up on the wall and over time eliminated them as we viewed them in different lights etc. This one was the winner! We may not necessarily go with Para paints, we have yet to compare brands and we would like something preferably no VOC, but we can always get this swatch paint matched if need be.

It is really, really difficult to take pictures of paint chips due to different lighting and resolutions and I couldn't find the paint swatches online but I hope you can kinda understand the colour. The first pic shows that it is quite a pure grey, but the bottom picture shows how multi-tonal the colour can be and how it's not quite as cold as the first looks.

Then we want to change out the curtains replace them with bold burnt orange and white curtains with thick horizontal stripes similar to the ones below except burnt orange vs black. I have not been able to find any curtains like the ones we want so you can probably look forward to a DIY tutorial for painting stripes on curtains in the future!

Image found here.
 As for art we have tons of different ideas such as abstract art, perhaps several maps framed up, or even the ever so popular gallery wall. I'm also really entertaining the idea of a sunburst mirror on one wall. I know they are sooooo overused but my amazing carpenter boyfriend came up with a brilliant twist for it so you'll also have to stay tuned for that! (Hint - can you say padauk?)

Image found here.
Image found here.

We really want to add to our coat storage since we don't have an actual coat closet so we've both fallen for the idea of a driftwood/antler coat rack similar to those below. Maybe a meld of the two?? Luckily Charles' dad is a hunter and has a tonnnn of antlers!

Image found here.
Image found here.
 We also really want a large rug for the space but I think that choice will have to wait till the space comes together more.

The next room is the kitchen/dining nook.

 I absolutely love the rich, detailed grain on the maple cabinets so those we are definitely leaving as is. For the wall colour however we chose another Para paint in shortstop and we're thinking of painting the inside of the arch separating the kitchen from the dining nook Olive Brown from CIL.

Shortstop is a yellowish colour with a light hint of gray. And olive brown is well, olive brown haha. The arch that we're painting the olive brown is where the cards are hanging from the ceiling. And it won't be the whole arch, just the "inside" of it if that makes sense.

For curtains we will definitely remove all the blinds and place up curtains. For the kitchen curtains I'm thinking a light, drapy roman blind style of curtain. I'm really crushing on these grain sack curtains from Hammers & High Heels.

Image found here.
 As for the dining nook I'm really leaning toward Waverly's 2012 spring fabric line. They are quite bold but they have most of the colours that will be in the house in them and I think they could be quite perfect and will help liven up the gray in the living room since the living room/kitchen/dining nook is basically all in one line. Charles however is still on the fence. I might try getting my hands on a sample fabric swatch to try it out if possible!

We're also really wanting to replace the table in here are and debating either a counter height square table with four chairs or getting a round table and creating a built in bench with storage underneath along two of the walls. That however may not happen till next year but we'll see where life takes us!

Lastly we really want to get a bunch of shelves in a corner for all of our plants,and maybe have a few hanging ones by the window too. Also up for debate is art work but we haven't found anything we're totally set on yet.

Then their is the bathroom that is right beside the dining nook.

In here we'll be creating a very serene, zen place for utmost relaxation and chose Green Grove by CIL. We're hoping to replace the toilet at some point and frame plus center the mirror as well. We also want to build some shelves in here beside the cabinet, place up art work etc.

The first picture shows how true of a green it is, but the bottom one shows it's not super bright and has a bit of a deeper tone.

So to get to the bedrooms we have to back up to the living room where there is a little hallway that seperates the two rooms and a walk in closet.

We're not sure yet what colour to the paint the little "hallway". The gray would possibly be too dark in there because there are no lights in that hallway. We might go with a similar gray a few shades lighter though, anyone have any other ideas? Same with the walk in closet; it's such a compact, filled space we don't want to make it too dark. It'll probably be one of the last places in the house to get fixed lol.

Now onto the actual bedrooms!

 For our bedroom we debated long and hard on the colour. We wanted something that was both relaxing yet not so much so that you can't wake up in the morning. We also really wanted something bold since it seemed to be a unifying theme in the house (no pastels etc.). Finally we settled on Middy Blue, also by CIL. This colour does seem quite bright with direct light but due to their only being one small window in the room it actually turns out deeper than the picture. You'll have to trust us on this one and hopefully it does turn out haha.

We will be moving the black and white coral curtains from the living room into here, and we are leaning towards a leather headboard, but besides that the rest is up in the air.

Then there is Anna's room.

I love having a girl, and I love designing children's rooms! This room was another one that was hard to choose the paint colour and Charles and I initially had different ideas but finally we settled on something we both love. Charles initially wanted a blue, I initally wanted a super light creamy colour. However we decided Anna just wasn't a blue personality, and we eliminated the super light colour thinking it would throw off the rest of the house. Finally we settled on a coral type colour. English Rose by Debbie Travis to be exact. It's from her Nostalgic line so I think it will turn out super sweet but not too high energy.

To counter balance the bright pink I decided on this beautiful blue and ivory fabric for her bed skirt. We'll also be removing the closet door and replacing it with a curtain which I might do white with a bottom border of the fabric. For the window I'm thinking of a similar style to the one I want in the kitchen but it will probably be white with a gold ribbon border.

You can purchase this fabric online from here.

I'm really crushing on a piece of furniture in the pale green of this bed in the room as well; whether it'll be rearranging her furniture and placing a dresser in her room of this colour, painting her crib/future bed, or perhaps even painting her little table that colour with a white chalkboard top I'm not yet certain but I'll share with you whatever I decide upon!

Image found here.
 As for artwork I'm really loving the idea of an embroidery circle mural above her crib. I also really like the idea of an alphabet mural over by her rocking chair and perhaps some little wall book shelves. I'm also needing to get some cute little cushions in this room for our chairs.

Image found here.
Image found here.
Image found here.
Finally we have the basement. This house sure has a scary, cold basement. 

We are really looking forward to tackling this space though and making it a useable living space complete with drywall and all. This however may not happen for a few years sadly. As for other projects to tackle there is a ton of yardwork. There is also a small shop/storage area behind the carport and the carport itself. We've yet to fully decide what to do with all of these spaces. And we do also want to replace the flooring throughout the whole house.

Of course no house is ever done right away or as fast as one would like but we got big dreams and can't wait to tackle these projects together all the while sharing every detail on here as we go!

Does anyone else have big design plans for 2012 and beyond? What about New Years Resolutions in general? Have you ever managed to complete some or maybe even all of them?

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  1. That basement is scary! Renovating the basement would truly payoff in the long run and you never know what it may become :D A fantabulous masterpiece hehehe

  2. Glad to see you are going with bright paintings and curtains in the living room with that grey. It should really make it look good. Ummm painting curtains? How about making your own? It would not be hard. Kitchen and nook is too small for dark colours. It would make it look smaller unless dark colour is but one accent wall. I would put cream and accent it with the olive. Lots of work ahead. Much good luck. I am sure you will have lots of fun. :-)

  3. Painting curtains is very possible and has been done often with fabric paint, or with acrylic paint mixed with a textile medium to make it fabric paint! One such tutorial can be found here

    It's personally a lot easier than sewing together a million stripes and they would still be washable.

    The kitchen won't be dark, it'll be the light yellow colour called shortstop. The olive green is only used inside one archway, basically as a trim for that area, so won't even be a full wall so no worries there either :)

  4. WOW, you have a tons of plans! I can't wait to see all of them come together!! LOVE that Waverly fabric. You have absolutely BEAUTIFUL color choices, too. I'm your newest follower :)

    1. Thank you!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves that fabric! <3

  5. Great ideas! I love all of the colors you've chosen, and I think that mud room space could be so fun to redo! A few blog friends and I introduced a new challenge idea Monday and it would be so fun if you want to join. If you have a second, check in at to learn more, and feel free to email me if you have any questions!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

    1. Thanks for the compliments! I'll definitely be writing up a post for your impossible possible challenge! I can't wait :D

  6. Hi found you at the nester's-good luck with your goals too!I'm your newest follower- Stop on by to visit!!

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