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Sunday, 4 March 2012

My Holy Grail

As I build up my blog followers and work on improving my blog I am always trying to keep track of what people like and don't like and sadly I have realized that the posts that get the least amount of viewers are my meal plan posts. This does sadden me a bit as although I do always make a meal plan regardless it takes me quite a bit of time to write up these posts. 

As a result, in an attempt to streamline things and allow me more time for my bigger/crafty/decor posts, I have decided to eliminate my meal plan posts. However! Since I absolutely love cooking I will instead be replacing these posts with a featured recipe every Sunday! The great thing about this is it will also allow me to share some of my favourite baking recipes because I sure do love baking! Almost more than cooking even! I will note that if you did happen to love and always follow my meal plans please, please leave me a comment below and let me know! Your opinions greatly matter to me! :)

So in an attempt to switch things up I'll be featuring my latest love...the most perfect, divine chocolate cake recipe in all the world. You see, my favourite dessert of all time is black forest cake.

Image found here.
However! I have never, ever, tasted a homemade chocolate cake that could compare to the airy, chocolatey delightfulness that is store-bought cake. It was like my holy grail with the recipe ever eluding me. Most cakes were too fudgey, moist, or dense. And don't get me started on just using cherry pie filling, blech, it's so much more sour and just horrible on every level. Now don't get me wrong, not every store can create a good black forest cake with proper whipping cream and all too often there isn't enough cherry filling, but still, it just can't be beat much to Charles disappointment (aka his hate for store bought black forest cake).

Que in, I Am Baker.

This lady always creates amazing cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts with the most beautiful of designs and blogs about it. I'm still not sure how I stumbled upon her blog but my life has been blessed by amazing cakes ever since. The first time I tried one of her recipes it was in an attempt to find the perfect white cake for my daughter's first birthday party and this recipe reined supreme. They were better than any store-bought cupcakes I have ever tasted. They were light, airy, full of flavor, in a word - divine. They were quite the hit at Anna's party!

As a result, although I'm not sure why it has taken me this long, I figured if she had the perfect white cake recipe surely she must have a good chocolate cake recipe. Cue the trumpets. Enter in the "Best Chocolate Cake" decked out in a robe and wearing a tiara with a million diamonds. Yes, it is THAT good.
Image found here.
A few side notes I found while making this - Yes, this cake has coffee in it, but in all honesty I could not taste any coffee flavour in the cake what-so-ever. Just simple, perfect, divine, chocolatey, moist yet airy, perfection. Another side note was that instead of all purpose flour I used pastry flour. Lastly the batter was quite runny however it still doubled in size in the oven and baked beautifully.

Now that I have found my holy grail I am going to make an attempt at recreating that cherry filling. I have a suspicion if I take a jar of maraschino cherries and saucify it with cornstarch it could possibly come close. I have my fingers crossed!

Does anyone else have a recipe that is the holy grail to them? Or some sort of dessert/recipe you have found you can only get at a restaurant or store that you so desperately wish to recreate? Tell me about it!


  1. I love your meal plans. I am too busy to plan a week out and it is great to get ideas with recipes already in place. Sometimes I switch it up but the point is when I do nto know what I feel like eating I head to your mealplan and see what you got planned. Going to miss it.

  2. Just remember your blog is you! Stay true to who you are and the followers who are like minded will find you.

    I'd love for you to pop by for a visit. I am hosting a $50 Kirklands Giftcard Giveaway.