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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring Is In The Air!

With today being the first official day of Spring I figured it’s time to bring some cheer into the house despite the snow outside! Sadly I don’t have too many areas in the house to place little odds and ends but I do have one rather large space above my kitchen cupboards that I like to think of as my “mantle”.

After Christmas my mantle was a little bare bones for a while and I wasn’t too happy with it; I was also looking for one awesome large piece to ground the space but wasn’t sure what I wanted. As I was perusing spring mantles on Pinterest I saw a few vintage windows being used and felt that was the perfect solution! Luckily Charles dad hoards old windows and he found me the perfect one for my space!

Since it’s still cold outside I just lightly sanded it and washed it down but once the weather warms up I would like to actually finish it in some way. For now though I’m totally loving the chipped paint vintage vibe, what do you think?


To complete my spring mantle I made an easy felt banner with ribbon, felt, and double sided tape. I also spray painted some ugly old candlesticks a cheery shade of blue and layered in a few vases with my beloved white ceramic owl collection. I also added some fresh flowers except my daffodils sadly haven’t bloomed yet. I’ll be sure to share a pic once they do! The salt lamp is something we always have up on the cabinets for its good vibes and it works perfectly as our night light for getting to the bathroom.

Here’s a few close ups!




Do any of you have a vintage window somewhere in your house? Or maybe even hoard vintage windows? Also who’s excited for Spring? Although I must say the weather here in BC certainly does not feel very “springish”. Hopefully it warms up soon!

P.S. I'm linking up to the Spring Fling link party at the Lettered Cottage!
The Lettered Cottage


  1. I love your little vignette & all of the shades of blue! I especially love those little owls!! Too cute!

  2. Bunting twins! I'm so glad you commented on my bunting, and I've come to follow right back. Congrats on the baby, how fun! How are you feeling?! I'm in love with the rope birdhouse too. Can't wait to see what else you have in store!

    1. Haha yes, and thank you!! I'm feeling pretty great actually, just started my second trimester so I'm hoping to get some more energy back haha. :)