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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Poofy Pompoms for my Princess

Poofy pompoms for my princess…try saying that 10 times fast! Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself!! Back on subject…I have been getting the decorating itch for my kids rooms again lately….being that our kitchen floor tiles are quickly all cracking and becoming a mosaic I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that the kitchen and floors will be next on our renovation list once we manage to procure some funds for it and that putting up drywall/painting in the kids rooms will be on the back burner for a while yet…maybe even a few years while.

Last year I had decided to create some embroidery hoop wall art for Anna however being that some of them were hung quite low she rather enjoyed pulling them off the wall and as a result they weren’t all looking so pretty and some of them were just removed in general so she could no longer reach them and tear them apart. I always wanted something colourful in this space but couldn’t decide what until amusingly enough, I was perusing ideas on pinterest for Zenith’s room and decided pom poms would be the perfectly colourful, simple, and most important of all cheap, idea I needed for Anna’s room!.


With a spark of genius in my mind I drove off to the Dollar Store to pick up some tissue paper and while the stars aligned and both kids miraculously napped at the same time I set to work….

Surprisingly while I knew I wanted to make tissue paper pompoms, and I had deemed them as a super simple project in my mind, I actually had no clue how to make them….I unfolded my tissue paper all ready to go and then…reality hit. What the heck do I do next? Well thank god for my iPhone and some handy youtube tutorials in a short while I was now ready to go!

It’s really hard to get pictures of the process but basically you lay down like 10 or so sheets of tissue paper and accordion fold them. This part is surprisingly tricky as the tissue paper is really slippery. Also the more sheets you have the harder it is to fold them….it’s a fine line as the more paper you have the poofier your pompom is but too many and it’s hard to fold and poof it out while with too few and you will have a very unpoofy pompom. I found however about 10-12 sheets worked best. To change the size of your pompom just change the width of your paper. For my biggest poms I used the full sheet, for the medium sized ones I used 2/3 of a sheet, for the small ones I just folded my sheets in half (so 10 sheets folded in half), and for my itty bitty ones I used that 1/3 sheet cut off.

photo 3

Once you have accordion folded your paper you want to use some floral or jewellery wire in the middle to keep it together and then, note this is very important, attach your fishing line to hang it up. The sky won’t quite fall on your head if you forget this step but it’s very hard to attach it once your pompom has been poofed so try not to forget, I speak from experience!

photo 4

Lastly before you start poofing your pompom you get to cut your edges. You can either do rounded edges or triangles and I’m sure there are a million varieties in between but those are the two I stuck with. Make sure you have very sharp scissors for this…if you happen to discover an easier way to trimming your ends then hacking through a giant stack of tissue please let me know…my scissors would be grateful! Once you’re done butchering your poor tissue paper in order to achieve some semblance of a rounded edge you finally get to start your poofing!!! This was where I found a video helpful but if you just take it slowly and try to divide your tissue into sections first of 4-5 tissues and then 2-3 and finely fully separated it helps not tear your tissue, also pulling the tissue apart close to your middle wire helps too.

photo 2

photo 5

Just do your best to keep pulling and separating while rotating your pom to get it all and occasionally tousling all the sheets for the best poofiest effect and to cover any bald innards. Once your satisfied with your results then your done! And you get to start on the next one! Yay….or not. It definitely wasn’t the most fun process but if you set up in front of the tv (which I wasn’t smart enough to do) then you’ll do great, plus it’s super rewarding seeing all these colourfuly poofy poms laying on your floor!

Once you’ve completed all your poms then you get to string them up. I’ve seen them strung up with thumb tacks but that did not work at all on our ceiling so I just tied them to the bars of our t-bar ceiling. I also later found out you could attach them to paper clips and hook the paper clip onto the t-bars…a much easier process I wish I had utilized!

DIY Pom Poms @Pink Hammers & Sippy Cups

DIY Pom Poms @Pink Hammers & Sippy Cups

What do you think? Am I the only one who struggles with poofing pompoms? Regardless, seeing Anna’s smile as she lays in her bed admiring her poms made it all worth my while…

DIY Pom Poms @Pink Hammers & Sippy Cups

DIY Pom Poms @Pink Hammers & Sippy Cups

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  1. Great job. I will need to set some up here and add a splash of colour. Thanks for sharing such a creative idea. :-)